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Ladies Garments

TAS Garments  is established with the mission of simplifying the women tailoring requirement. Our main Products are Ladies Suit, Traditional dress, Abaya, Jalabiyas and Gown. Our expert team of women fashion designer, Tailor and customer service will ensure to provide the best quality tailoring service in UAE. Our core services are stitching, alteration, special dress design and sales of women’s fashion wear. We offer affordable pricing so that you don’t have to scratch your head to spend huge amount in what you want to get. We believe in long term customer relationship hence the customer centric approach is always at the core of our business.

Ladies Corporate Uniform

Elevate your brand’s image with Taj Al Sultana’s Ladies’ Corporate Uniforms. Our tailored designs blend professionalism and elegance, ensuring your female workforce radiates confidence and sophistication. With a focus on fit, comfort, and style, we create uniforms that leave a lasting impression. Trust us for refined attire that embodies your company’s excellence.

Ladies Sports Wear

Experience peak performance and style with Taj Al Sultana’s Ladies’ Sports Wear. Our athletic apparel blends cutting-edge technology with fashionable designs, empowering women in their active pursuits. From high-impact workouts to leisurely activities, our collection offers comfort, durability, and performance. Elevate your athletic journey with gear designed to inspire success.

Ladies Casual Wear

Elevate your everyday style with Taj Al Sultana’s Ladies’ Casual Wear. Our curated collection combines comfort and fashion to create effortlessly chic looks. From timeless classics to trendy pieces, we offer versatile options for every occasion. Redefine your casual elegance with attire that exudes confidence and sophistication.


Discover timeless elegance with Taj Al Sultana’s Ladies’ Abaya collection. Our meticulously crafted Abayas blend tradition and contemporary fashion, offering a fusion of modesty and style. With a focus on quality fabrics and exquisite details, our designs embody grace and sophistication. Step into the world of refined attire, where each Abaya tells a unique story of beauty and culture.


Elevate your wardrobe with Taj Al Sultana’s Ladies’ Jalabia collection. Our Jalabias combine traditional charm with modern aesthetics, offering comfort and style for various occasions. Crafted with attention to detail and high-quality fabrics, these designs showcase elegance and grace. Embrace the timeless beauty of our Jalabias, where culture meets contemporary fashion.

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